Chef Jessica Lewis


For Jessica Lewis, it’s (almost) all about the vegetables. Formerly the Event Sous Chef at Pittsburgh’s Hotel Monaco and it’s two dining venues: The Commoner and Biergarten, Lewis has worked in a variety of Pittsburgh and New York City-based kitchens over the years.

“I’m excited by this opportunity to continue building this community and this great food scene,” says Lewis. The graduate of New York City’s Institute of Culinary Education and the University of Virginia is no stranger to working side-by-side with ambitious and talented chefs; she was a contestant during season 11 of FOX-TV’s popular “Hell’s Kitchen,” starring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Jessica Lewis has created a wholesome, vegetable-forward dining experience. She works with local farms to inspire an in-season evolving menu using naturally grown produce, sustainable seafood and humanely raised meats. Since her days as a NCAA All American swimmer, Chef Jessica has had health and wellness on her mind, and she plans to break the protein-focused mindset by creating hearty vegetable inspired dishes accented by meats and seafood.

A Statement from the Chef:

“The menu at Carota Cafe is largely vegetable-based and full of options for those who choose not to eat animal products. Our produce is highly seasonal, always non-GMO, organic and local whenever possible. The proteins we use are thoughtfully sourced from local farmers, always taking into consideration the welfare and life quality of the animals.

At Carota, we make choices about our food that reflects our environment and the life-quality of our food sources. Real food heals.

At Carota Cafe we are thankful for our friends for their shared commitment to the beautiful ingredients showcased on our menu. The menu will change based on environmental vibes.

Thank you to…
– Root & Heart Farm
– Kistaco Farm
– Who Cooks For You Farm
– Clarion River Organics
– Churchview Farm
– Goodness Grows Farm
– Five Points Artisan Bakeshop …”

Carota Cafe Lunch & Dinner Menu Sample

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House Ricotta $5
black pepper ricotta, toasted whole wheat sourdough, fine herbs & local honey

Arugula Salad $8
wild arugula, shaved fennel, potato coins, hard boiled egg, garlic scape vinaigrette, mint

Kale & Egg $12
pan-seared kale, radish varieties, fennel, celery, fresh tumeric, fried egg, herbs, sunflower flax sourdough toast

Patty Pan $6
raw + roasted patty pan squash, green harissa, snap peas, feta

Zucchini Grilled Cheese $13

grilled zucchini, gruyere, white bean roasted garlic puree, parsley pesto, whole wheat sourdough with farm greens


Smoked Yams $8
smoked & roasted yams, lime yogurt, grilled + raw scallion, espelette, fine herbs, bee pollen, local raw honey, sea salt

Horseradish Gnocchi $15
house black pepper ricotta, wild arugula, fennel, kale, oyster mushrooms, fresh grated horseradish


Octopus $14
charred, crispy peewee potatoes, olives, grilled scallion arugula chimichurri

Butler County Chicken $15
brown butter whole wheat spatzle, achiote yogurt, crispy greens, wild asian greens + fennel + orange salad

Moqueca $18
brazilian fish stew: shrimp, fish, coconut milk, red bell pepper, fennel, leek, garlic, cilantro, cashews, white rice


Juice $5
carrot, orange, ginger

Green Goodness Juice $5
spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, ginger

Turmeric Tonic $4
coconut water, turmeric, ginger, orange, aloe

Matcha $4
iced matcha latte with almond milk, matcha, mint, lavender


Dark Chocolate Babka $3

Stroopwafel $3
two hand-pressed dutch wafel cookies, sticky molasses filling

Cookie Du Jour $3
seeded dark chocolate chip

Carota Cafe Brunch Menu


Kale & Egg $11
pan-seared kale, radish varieties, fennel, celery, fresh tumeric, fried egg, herbs, sunflower flax sourdough toast

Herb Baked Eggs $12
two eggs baked in cast iron skillet, chimichurri, roasted carrot, radish & kale, whole wheat sourdough toast

Spinach Scramble $13
soft scrambled eggs with spinach and parmesan cheese, crispy fingerling potatoes & leek, bacon, whole wheat sourdough toast

Shakshouka $13
two eggs poached in spicy tomato vegetable ragout, pepper jam, gremolata, cast iron warmed pita


Ricotta $5
house made black pepper ricotta, local honey, toasted whole wheat sourdough

Sweet Dutch Baby Pancake $11
rhubarb compote, date syrup, whipped cream, mint, strawberries

Savory Dutch Baby Pancake $11
baked in a cast iron skillet, farm greens, petite radish, quail egg, olive oil + sea salt

Chicken Hash $12
sweet potato, fingerlings, leek, sage, pulled chicken, soft poached egg

Zucchini Grilled Cheese $13
grilled zucchini, gruyere, white bean roasted garlic puree, parsley pesto, whole wheat sourdough w/ farm greens

From Chef Jessica's Table