Smallman Galley



The Smallman Galley concept was envisioned at sea by two U.S. Navy Lieutenants. In traveling the world, they experienced grand food halls featuring the most unique culinary talent those nations had to offer. Smallman Galley was founded on the belief that talented Chefs here at home deserve a fair shot. We exist to break down the barriers to entry in this notoriously restrictive industry.
On a warship, meals are at the center of daily life – this is the time when the crew can relax and unwind from the rigors of life at sea. The “Galley” is the place where the food for the entire crew is cooked and served. It symbolizes a tight community of hard-working people striving toward a common goal. The word “Smallman,” aside from being the street on which our incubator is located, is nearly synonymous with “local.” Our goal is to make local extraordinary by showcasing the very best culinary talent our city has to offer. (Photo by Jeff Swensen)


Smallman Galley is a launch pad for the best new restaurant concepts in Pittsburgh. We cultivate and accelerate undiscovered Chefs by providing a forum to showcase their capabilities, hone their craft, develop business acumen, and build a cult following behind their concepts. With four fully outfitted kitchens and seats for 200 guests, we provide the infrastructure for Chefs to bring their concepts to market at low-risk and for low-cost.
Our 4 Chefs will spend 18 months with us. They run their own restaurants in our space and have the autonomy to run their businesses the way they’ve always dreamed. They set the menu. They hire a staff. They interact directly with the customer and build their following.

Every Monday  – when we are closed to the public – the Chefs attend weekly trainings by industry leaders on branding, business plan drafting, marketing, and restaurant operations. We help them fuse their artistic talent with business skill. In the final six months of their terms here, they continue to run their restaurants at Smallman Galley while we help them secure financing and find their next site in the city. We expose them to our network of real estate developers and financiers to make their restaurant dream become reality.

Meanwhile, to the public we offer a full bar, coffee & espresso bar, and 4 innovative restaurants in our 6,000 square foot space. Every 18 months, we bring in 4 new, aspiring restaurateurs and start again. In a city that is constantly moving forward, we will continually reinvent our historic space in the Strip District to feature the very best of the culinary world, and give them a stage to share their talents with the world.